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Christophe Desse

Technical Artist, Naughty Dog

Christophe worked as a special effect artist and modeller for advertising, tv, film, and games in France, Germany and Singapore. He is curently working at Naughty Dog in Santa Monica as an environement artist. He started to tinker with 3d software back in 1991, and is now experienced with most industry-standard packages. When he is not working on industry defining AAA titles at work ( uncharted 1, uncharted 2 uncharted 3, the last of us ,uncharted 4 ), Christophe enjoys creating cartoony or stylized characters and super charged muscle cars.

  • "This training video is a must see to every Substance Painter artist. Christophe knows the tool like no other and the fun he conveys in showing his workflow with the tool is contagious. And who can resist à French accent"

    - Sebastien Deguy
    Allegorithmic, Founder and CEO

  • "Christophe was one of the first Redshift users. His work consistently generates tons of interest in our community forums, which speaks volumes about his artistic and technical ability. Christophe has a great eye for detail. He's also a great communicator and keen in offering advice for pipeline improvements. For the last few months, Christophe has been pairing Redshift with the Substance toolset and, as you can clearly see from the results, it's a marriage made in heaven!"

    - Panagiotis "Panos" Zompolas
    CTO, Redshift Rendering Technologies

  • Learning new tools and workflows can always be a challenge, but having a good teacher makes the process much more enjoyable. Christophe has always been there supporting the concept team and helping us push our knowledge of any 3D tool or workflow we pursue. He has made the process of learning fun and challenges you along the way to push your knowledge and tools further.

    - John Sweeney
    Art Director Naughtydog

  • If you've been looking for a crash course on Substance Painter, look no further. Christophe's unique blend of technical, artistic and teaching skills will get you up to speed in no time and you'll actually have fun along the way!

    - Jeremie Noguer
    Director of Strategy Media and Entertainment - Allegorithmic

  • He is the kind of instructor you can trust to go the extra mile and give his dedicated attention to each student. As one of Christophe's students, I went from knowing next to nothing about Substance Painter, to feeling confident that I can enter this industry with a strong grasp of texturing and rendering.

    - Carlos Rizo
    Gnomon Student, Best of Term