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Alessandro Cangelosi

    Alessandro Cangelosi

    Lighting TD and FX TD

    A strong passion for technology, science and art, movies like Terminator 2, and the hours, days, years of studying techniques to replicate special effects, have led Alessandro from software development to VFX. He moved very quickly through generalist positions in small productions up to the most important roles as a Lighting TD / FX TD on commercials, video game cinematics and movies. Among the productions he worked on we can mention Suspiria, 2012, Independence Day 2, 20th Anniversary Centropolis Logo Animation, Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands, Dead Rising 3, Ghostbusters: The Videogame, Romeo & Juliet, Wolfstein: The New Order, some Razer commercials and many other stuff. He has also worked on national and international documentaries and developed plug-ins and custom tools for Autodesk 3ds Max. Alessandro has taught at various Italian and foreign institutes for visual effects and written technical articles on CG related topics, he is head of Proteus VFX School and Houdini instructor at ViFX.

    • " Alessandro has a proven track record and deep understanding of creating shaders that reproduce natural phenomena - like sand, ice, water surfaces, and lava. These are technical achievments, but Alessandro has a passion for cinematography, composition, lighting, and color. Having a solid foundation in these areas will always create better work - when artistic prowess meets technological understanding and not the other way around. Alessandro has helped us immensely on difficult effects shots, and we were able to trust his judgement on how a shot should be lit and composed. He always concentrates on the importance of a shot, its form and subject, before dealing with all the technology that goes into producing the end result. Alessandro's careful observations and strong technical skills have made it a pleasure working with him. "

      - Matt Moses
      Lighting Director Renkewitz Studios