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Aleksey Pollack

Sr. Concept Artist for Terraform Studio / Aaron Sims Creative

Aleksey Pollack is a self-taught Concept Artist with more than eight years of experience in the industry. He’s worked on a variety of videogames, movies, and TV shows, including Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall, Dark Phoenix, Birds of Prey, Amazon’s Lord of The Rings, Rampage, The New Mutants, Disney’s Mulan, Netflix’s Raising Dion, Star Trek: Prodigy, and many, many more. 

His client list includes Terraform, Paramount, Aaron Sims Creative, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Amazon, Naughty Dog, Techland, MOOD Visuals, Platige Image, and many others. His primary field is visual development, which includes design for environments, characters, and vehicles, as well as keyframes for production. He likes to work using 2D and 3D techniques, utilizing as many tools as a project requires.

Follow Aleksey on Instagram @aleksey_pollack and Twitter @aleksey_pollack.