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Brent Le Blanc

Look Development Artist

Brent Le Blanc is an Ohio-born Senior Surfacing Artist with over 10 years of experience in VFX and Animation. He practices making CG art with a strong emphasis on proceduralism and environments. Brent started his career at Digital Domain Media Group in VFX and later transitioned to the Look Development department. He then moved to Materials at Blue Sky Studios and recently finished The Croods: A New Age at DreamWorks Feature Animation in the Surfacing Department. He has taught Texturing at the University of Connecticut and currently teaches texturing at Gnomon School in Los Angeles.

  • Brent is an outstanding artist and fantastic colleague. His love for creating shaders always showed in the beautiful work he added to our films. And he generously shared his skills and insights with everyone around him. All around A+ human being.

    - Baaron Schulte
    Materials Lead, Blue Sky Studios

  • When I started back as a matte painter at DreamWorks, the department had been using Houdini for a few years. I had to learn it in a hurry. Brent was my go-to guy for answering questions and steering me in the right direction. With his help, I was up and running in Houdini in no time.

    - Brian LaFrance
    Senior Matte Painter, DreamWorks Feature Animation