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The Gnomon Workshop Image Challenge

The Gnomon Workshop Image Challenge

For more than a decade, we’ve hosted regular contests on the Gnomon Workshop forums, which have been home to many digital artists — and we’ve awarded over $100,000 worth of subscriptions to winners over the years! 

As of Summer 2019, we’ve refreshed the Image Challenge and brought them over to Facebook to help reach many more artists and make the challenges much easier for you to fit into your daily activities. Join us! It’s going to be a great chance to push your skills, meet other likeminded artists — and win some cool prizes.



Deadline: September 30, 2019, 11:59 PM PT.

Brief: Stranger Things 3 is here — and in perfect timing with the relaunch of the Gnomon Workshop Image Challenge! To celebrate, the theme of our Summer 2019 Challenge is, quite aptly:


Whether you choose to design your own predatory humanoid creature, depict lurking evils, or design your very own strange, new, or topsy-turvy world, the only limit is your imagination.

Please don’t illustrate or model existing elements of Stranger Things as we know it; we want you to get your creative juices flowing and conjure up your very own creations and visions. Just use the topic as your starting point and think outside the box!

Whether you choose to focus on a character, group of characters, prop, vehicle, or tackle an entire environment, the choice is yours. Let your mind run free, explore your ideas, and show us just how awesome your imagination and creativity are with an image that speaks to the topic of “The Upside Down.”
Good luck!


Each challenge is open to both 2D and 3D artists alike, and three winners will be selected. The first-place winner will receive a 12-month Gnomon Workshop subscription (worth $490 USD), with a six-month subscription for second place, and a three-month subscription for third place.

The Gnomon Workshop library contains over 300 lectures and over 1,000 hours of training by top professional artists around the world. Learn more at www.thegnomonworkshop.com.


It’s super simple: We’ll provide a theme as inspiration to get you started with each challenge. Your task is to design and create your best artwork possible — which can be 2D, 3D, or a hybrid of both — and submit it here in this group feed before the deadline. Be sure to note the time of the deadline and convert to your timezone so you never miss out.

When submitting your final artwork, just tell us the following information:

Software used: 
Date completed: 

You’re welcome to add some notes about your intentions, story, etc. but these are optional.

The judges, including Gnomon Workshop Founder Alex Alvarez, will select the top three once the deadline has passed. The winners will be announced in this group in a post and the winners will be contacted via private message. To claim a subscription prize, you’ll just need to provide a working email address. 

If you already have a subscription: It’s okay! We will add more time to your account. So, if you have three months left of a one-year subscription, for example, and you win a second-place prize, we’ll add six months to your current subscription. 



We want these challenges to be fun, not a brutal competition. We love to see new artists emerge and we see this image challenge a great way to give artists more exposure while rewarding them with cool prizes and recognition. Winners will be selected based on the judges’ opinions of the most successful interpretation of each challenge brief.